1.      ICT& PUBLICITY – Members are trained on the following; website design, projecting, designing posters and making videos. This ministry also involves the use of media.
2.      PRAISE AND WORSHIP – In this ministry, members sing to worship and praise the Lord. It also includes the union’s band where members are trained to play various musical instruments including the guitar, the drum sets and the drums.
3.      LITTERATURE AND THEATRE – It consists of the drama and the dance team. The ministry is highly upheld as it acts as an entertainment platform. Literature involves designing our union magazine and lending Christian books to members.
4.      USHERING – The ministry helps in welcoming visitors. It is also involved in decorating the church and cleaning the environment around the church.
5.      CATERING – Various things are taught in this ministry mostly baking cakes and scorns.
6.      SOUND TEAM – The sound team aids in connecting instruments before our services
7.      INTERCESSORY – The ministry prays and prays.
8.      COMPASION – Deals with the welfare of the union members.